I solve problems with technology

Besides building software,
I also enjoy to talk with people,
photography, music and traveling.

Some of my projects


Career overview


During September of 2019 I joined Encora as a software engineer, I have to say Encora help me to take my career to the next level. I grew up a lot as a person and improved my soft skills. I figured out that software engineering is more about people than about code

Some of the most valuable lessons I've learned are:

  • Taking a break is part of the job
  • Dedicate time to personal life, it is the most valuable resource
  • Don't be afraid of failure, fail fast, learn the lesson and get over
  • Teamwork
  • Be yourself, that's the best version of you


In January 2018 I co-founded a software development company. It was a big challenge for me. I had to learn quite skills such as project management, team work, team leading, effective communication, projects planning and costs estimations

Fortunately it went fine, even better than expected to be honest.


During June of 2015 I got my first job as software developer at a local agency. I worked there during three years creating web applications with multiple web frameworks such as Laravel, Django and Spring boot, and mobile app for android devices. In addition to it, I had the opportunity to coordinate a team to implement git, gitlab and docker as part of our workflow.

I learned a lot during those years and had the opportunity to implement several ideas and concepts to improve the quality of our products and workflow.


During december of 2013 I went into my first end to end side project. It was a web application to play multimedia content directly from multiple cloud storage providers such as Microsoft OneDrive (Skydrive at that time), Google Drive and Dropbox, something similar to Spotify/Youtube but private and with your own media. At that moment a lor of concepts were new for me, I had to learn about REST Services, APIs, OAuth authentication, Http protocol, Http security, Scheduled jobs and frameworks for frontend development.
Although the final version of the app was not perfect, it was a great achievement for me and a motivator for upcoming years and projects.


I started to write code at university during 2010, it was my first contact with computer science and I really liked. I was curious and eager to learn since I was a kid, so it matched perfectly for me